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Meet The Team

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Mac Mackie - CEO

My name is Mac Mackie and I am the CEO of Pandora’s Box. I have worked at Pandora’s Box for two years now, and I have been promoted to CEO during that time. I am a very outgoing person who cares about all of my employees. I believe that a happy work environment is a key to success so I try my best to make every day a good one for my employees!

Human Resources

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Jimmy Guadalupe

Hello, my name is Jimmy Guadalupe. I am employed at Pandora's Box, serving as president of Human Resources. I strive to ensure that everyone is safe and happy. My goal is to make everyone's working experience one that they will never forget. Fun fact: I love Smoothies.

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Jocelyn Berry

Hello, My name is Jocelyn Berry and I'm a Junior at Cookeville High School and I help run Pandora's Box. I am a part of the HR department with 2 other employees where we work together and plan events for Pandora's Box. We keep things organized and we are always on task.

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This person is Carter Snyder. He is currently a senior at Cookeville High School in Cookeville Tennessee. He is a part of the administration department within Cookeville High School’s  Virtual Enterprise class. His role within the department is to help moderate and manage the workflow of the business, as well as keep up with company records and data.

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Alex Winningham is a senior at Cookeville high school.  His role within the company exists within the administration department.  As a member of administration, his job is to delegate and moderate the tasks of the company.  Keeping the company on task is crucial to its success.

Informations Technology

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Shivam Patel is the head developer of the mobile & desktop website, as well as helping design things likewise. He is a junior at Cookeville High School, originally moving to Cookeville from Edison, New Jersey. He was awarded a certificate of excellence by HR as a reward for his performance and dedication the the company.

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Jonah Hull is the everyday operations manager of the I.T department.  He grew up in Florida but moved to Cookeville, Tennessee when he was 11.  He is a first-year employee at Pandoras Box through virtual enterprise.

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My name is Evan Beria and I am a student at Cookeville High School.  I love to play sports and video games.  I play basketball and baseball, but I also like football and soccer. I love history and science and I am okay at math, but I hate English with a passion.  I work at Chick-Fil-A in Cookeville, Tennessee and I love it, and I like the people I work with and it’s a great environment for me.  I’m in the accounting department for Pandora's Box and I enjoy it because I like math and I am kind of good at it.  I enjoy handling money and paying others for working for the business.  

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My name is Sebastian Livingston and I am currently enrolled at Cookeville High School in Cookeville, Tennessee. Our company is called Pandora’s Box and I am a part of the accounting department. I grew up in Sparta Tennessee and I live with my mom, my dad, and my dog. I like to play soccer in my spare time and my favorite thing to do is go to the beach. I work for Upper Cumberland Soccer Club where I referee soccer games.

Sales Team

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Crystal Herrera is a member of the Sales Team at Pandora’s Box at Cookeville High School. This is her third year attending CHS and her first year in VE. As part of the sales team her job is to thoroughly communicate with customers about the qualities of products and to provide them with any service needed. As well as, creating relationships and making sure they are more than satisfied with their purchase.

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Adelyn Williams

Adelyn Williams is a part of Pandora's Box Sales Team this year. She is a sophomore and this is her first year at VE. She helped price the products on the website and created tradeshow specials. By ensuring the products meet customer expectations, she ensures that customers are happy with what they receive.

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Nicholas Beszhak

Nick Beszhak is currently apart of the sales marketing team at Pandora’s Box. He grew up in California and moved to Tennessee later in his life. He currently attends Cookeville High School as a junior. As a member of the sales team his job is to make sure products are up to quality and that they are appealing to the consumers.

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Robert Eldridge

Preston Eldridge is part of the Sales Team at Pandoras Box at Cookeville High School. This is his third year attending CHS. His role in the sales team is to provide the price for each item. While also working with the other members to create a sales plan.   

Marketing Team

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Alex Moreno is a member of the marketing department. She is a senior at CHS, and her focus area is Marketing & Management. Moreno’s passion lies in graphic design. She has four years of experience as a freelance graphic designer. 

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Mia Shelton is a member of the marketing department at Pandora’s Box at Cookeville High School. It is her first year participating in Virtual Enterprise. She is excited to put her past marketing skills and experiences to use this year. 

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Taylor Zent is a member of the marketing department for Pandora’s Box. She was born and raised in Cookeville, Tennessee, and goes to Cookeville High School. Taylor is a very hardworking individual and enjoys working for the company with her teammates. This is her first year at Pandora’s Box but she plans to continue her career here.

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Sofia Shelton is a first-year employee at Pandora’s Box through Virtual Enterprise.  Sofia is a member of the marketing department.  She has taken multiple business classes during her high school career which has prepared her for her position.  

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